Mould Testing

Does your home have a musty smell?

Do you or your family suffer from respiratory problems or skin irritations?

Symptoms from exposure to mould may include respiratory problems, continual colds, skin irritation, headaches, fatigue, eczema, mood swings, chronic inflammatory response (chronic fatigue syndrome, lyme, fibromyalgia etc), significant behavioural changes, rage, brain fog, asthma etc.

Evaluate your concerns about mould, musty smells and potential sources of dampness.

Home assessment

A mould audit includes a visual inspection for mould growth and a moisture assessment for dampness in building materials and signs of moisture intrusion. Air or surface sampling to determine the type and prevalence of fungi will incur additional laboratory costs.

The audit takes 3-5 hours for a single storey home, or longer for a double storey home.

Contact us for further enquiries regarding mould audits for your home, business, school and childcare centre.

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