Home Sweet Home

Does your home feel like ‘Home Sweet Home’?

Have you experienced significant changes since moving into your home?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt that there was something ‘not-quite-right’ in it?  You don’t know what it is but it felt ‘uncomfortable or creepy’. You may even avoid the room altogether, or worse still, it’s the built-in wardrobe and you have to enter it. You do so, but you hold your breath and dash in and out of it quickly, everyday. Or you may feel ‘disconnected’ to your home. If so, feel connected to your home again with Space Clearing or Land Acupuncture.

Has your home had a repetitive history of divorces, rage, bankruptcy or chronic illness?  If so, harmonise these metaphysical energies with a Feng Shui.

The Healthy Home Scientist can identify and name the environmental cause of the ‘uncomfortable’ feeling in your home and harmonise it by using either Feng Shui, Space Clearing or Land Acupuncture to bring your home back to the loving feeling of ‘Home Sweet Home’.

If you’ve had significant changes since moving into a home e.g. health decline, rage, marital separation, mood swings, increased stress, drama etc., then call The Healthy Home Scientist 0433 646 944 to identify the environmental causes of those symptoms in your home, either biologically or metaphysically. Mary Leet is trained and qualified in all disciplines that is Australian Government Accredited.

Land Acupuncture
Space Clearing
Feng Shui

Land Acupuncture

Homes that ‘don’t feel right’ may be due to earthquake fault lines or underground water courses that disrupt the earth’s electromagnetic fields. Using tailored-made copper rods, land acupuncture grounds the disrupted electromagnetic fields back into the earth (much like a plumber grounding electricity into the earth with a copper stake) and returns the home back to feeling harmonious. This discipline is Australian Accredited, also otherwise known as Geomancy.

It is a legal requirement in Germany that every home is certified with a geomancy audit before every sale.

Case Studies
A client hired me after he’d demolished their home because his wife felt that there was something really wrong with it…..read more…

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Space Clearing

Another cause of ‘uncomfortable’ feelings in a room could be due to residual emotions leftover from traumatic events such as e.g. death, violence, divorce, trauma, illness, grief etc.

Space Clearing can clear away these residual emotions and stagnant energies, so that you can start living your life fresh and anew in your home.

It is also ideal for bringing a new baby home, moving in, selling your home, or setting new intentions for the New Year and clearing out the Old.

Space Clearing – Trauma and Emotional Residues from Previous Occupants
Clear the space of traumatic life events such as death, divorce, violence, conflict etc.
Clear the space of previous’ occupants emotional residues from e.g. depression, anger, addictions, alcoholism, drama, grief, etc.
Start afresh when moving into a new home.

Space Clearing – Setting Intentions
Setting intentions for the New Year and clearing out the Old
Bringing a new baby home and starting a happy family life
Moving into a new home and setting intentions for a New Life.
Starting Life Over – setting intentions for a New Life
Selling a home

Call The Healthy Home Scientist 0433 646 944 to enquire about Space Clearing (Australian Accredited).

Case Studies

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Feng Shui

Every home has two wealth corners. Using mathematics, The Healthy Home Scientist can calculate the exact location of your two wealth corners in your home and then amplify its metaphysical energies to bring in more wealth.

Like Yin and Yang, where there’s wealth corners, there are also decreasing wealth corners. Where’s there’s health corners, sick corners. Harmony, conflict.In every home.

Feng Shui amplifies the wealth corners, health corners, harmony etc. Likewise, Feng Shui also harmonises the inauspicious energies to reduce sickness, conflict, drama, decreasing wealth etc.

Homes that have a repetitive history of divorces, illness, or bankruptcy have prominent conflict corners, decreasing wealth and illness corners. Feng Shui remedies can locate these specific inauspicious corners and harmonise them back to feeling auspicious in your ‘Home Sweet Home’. This ancient art of manipulating metaphysical energies that manifests life experience has been practiced for thousands of years by the Chinese. The Healthy Home Scientist is a Feng Shui Master with Australian Accreditation.

You may know a friend or a relative who is always angry. That’s because that person spends a lot of time in that conflict energy either sleeping, watching tv or working in it. To harmonise the conflict, we first find its location in the home e.g. lounge. Next, we determine its element. Conflict energy is the wood element. Then we ask, how does Nature get rid of wood? Nature burns wood with Fire. So likewise, Feng Shui recommends that you put in a fireplace, burn candles and put in a red carpet to ‘burn off’ the conflict and harmonise the lounge.

Call The Healthy Home Scientist for enquiries 0433 646 944 as to how you can live your best life in a ‘home sweet home’.

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