Electromagnetic Field Testing

This audit will evaluate your concerns about the electromagnetic fields emanating from high voltage transmission lines, power lines, substations, nearby mobile phone towers, smart meter or meter boxes, wireless router, cordless phones, mobile phones, or electrical appliances in your home.

An inspection for electromagnetic fields and radio frequency fields from sources inside and outside the house/workplace will be conducted. Testing and measuring with the latest scientific equipment will be taken where occupants spend the most time such as bedrooms, living areas, kitchen and study.

Advice provided will be based on scientific evidence for biological effects and health effects from long term exposure to electromagnetic fields that is applicable to the vulnerable members of the population eg. children, babies, pregnant women and the immunocompromised. The current Australian Standards considers only short term exposure and targets healthy male soldiers and not the vulnerable members of the population.

Residential home audits will take up to 3-5 hours, for single storey or longer for double.

Contact us for further enquiries regarding EMF audits for your home, business, school and childcare centre.

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